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Sponsorship acceptance letter- private


Hello, Thank you for your interest in joining the Lowered Empire team. We are very happy to let you know that after reviewing your application and looking at your build we want to offer you a partial sponsorship! You are exactly what we are looking for, someone who can rep the brand and grow with us! We don't accept everyone who applies so feel proud! Besides the car we also look for someone who loves the car community the way we do! 

Below are all the benefits you get when you join the team. Joining gets you all these perks and more. Being Sponsored doesn't only mean you get discounts but you get first picks on our new drops, shout outs on social media and free goodies w/ every order! 

20% on Wraps
25% on Merch
20% of Seats
20% Steering Wheels
Discount on Photoshoots
Booth W/ us at Shows
Free Bday Gifts
Shout outs on our 99k+ Social Media
Make money by sharing your code
and way more

What is the Sponsorship box?

The next step is to purchase the sponsorship box,  we use the box to send you everything you could possibly need to start repping us. The box has all the information you need like how to create your promo code. It also comes with a banner and an officially sponsored Sticker. Below there's a list of all the items the box comes with. Unlike other companies we want you to recieve something worth your money so we make every box with care and pack it w/ items youll be happy to have. Don't believe us? check all the reviews here.

The Box comes with a Sponsorship Banner, Official Shirt, Official Sponsorship Sticker, Decals, Sticker pack, air freshener, lanyard, promo codes, welcome cards and of course it comes on our collectible box for only $34-39. Everything made just for you.


Promo Codes? We Not only give you a custom Promo code to share but the code you share with friends makes you $$. Everytime you share your code and someone uses your code youll get $1 out of every $10 they spent. Users make an average of $50 the first month which pays for the box! Promo code activation link comes in the box. You are more than just a sponsor to us you are also an Ambassador for the company.

Thank you! We hope you can join the team! Once you buy your sponsorship box just wait to receive the box and tag us on your story so we can give you a shout out on our 100k + Social media accounts. That's all we ask from you, share us so we can share you! All other info you need will be in the box dont worry, but if you have any other questions please let us know!

What's after? Nothing!  Once you buy the box just wait for it and youll get all the info you need there! No need to reply to this.

-Lowered Empire Team


Couchman Ln 

Modesto Ca 95355


Follow us on: #Loweredempire

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