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Sponsorship F.A.Q

  • Want to Join Lowered Empire ? First of all, thank you for being interested in working with us! Sponsorships are available during certain peak months so take advantage now!


  • Why Join Lowered Empire!? We are a world wide auto club, if you get accepted not only you become an ambassador but you can make money sharing your sponsor code. Besides that, you get so much discounts from us is crazy! 


For example, Our seats are $1,200 retail, spsonros price $899
steering wheels retail $200 sponsor price $129


  • What do we look for ? We are looking for all builds, all kinds of models and makes. We do no judge hard on the person's car so much but the person itself. we are a humble car club that supports those who love the culture and are active! As long as you have plans for the whip we are here to follow you the whole way on your build, and of course help! 


  • Can anyone apply? yes! anyone has the right to apply for sponsorships. Like we said, we do not judge people based on money, location or style.


  • Do we have to pay for sponsorships? Not necessary ! because we cannot give everyone free stuff we have came up w/ our Sponsorship box! in the box we were able to include so many items you'll need to promote us. Like banner and a shirt. which that alone is $40 but instead we give you so many more items free. our box contains a banner, shirt, decals, air freshener, lanyard, thank you cards, promo cards. and a couple more items for you! the value of the whole box is over $120.


  • Do i have to buy the box to get sponsored? No, you do not. but is a no brainer on the box. Also, the box comes w/ everything you need to keep the sponsorship going! .

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