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What comes in our Sponsorship Box? 

First of all thanks for joining the team! We want you to rep us any way you can that is why we created the Sponsorship box and added all the items we could find to help you promote us.

The box is Only $35 for you  but it retails for $100 for non-sponsors.

  • Premium Shirt only Sponsors can buy ($30)
  • Windshield Banner ($25)
  • Slap stickers ($15)
  • Our Famous Air Fresheners ($8)
  • Lanyard ($9)
  • Decals ($5)
  • All our Promo Codes 
  • Postcards
  • Exclusive Sponsor Sticker for every member 
  • all items come on our famous Sponsorship Box

Since we don't make money of these boxes and are strictly only for sponsors and ambassadors please do not share our link with anyone.



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